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Noble Laser Technology Co., Ltd. is headquartered within the Chinese capital—Beijing. As a dedicated manufacturer, our company is fully committed to the development, assembly, distribution, and servicing of medical and beauty equipment. Our products utilize advanced technologies for the implementation of laser, E-light, ultrasound, radio frequency, and intense pulsed light.

Our main products include the following:

E-light Beauty Equipment
The E-light skin beautifier is based on a derivative of the traditional IPL concept, with added bi-polar RF functionalities. It comes with preset parameters and a professionally designed system interface. Also included are 3 optional hand-pieces with variable spot sizes. The skin’s tendency to selectively absorb light is harnessed for purposes such as rejuvenation, hair removal, and freckle removal.

808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine
The 808nm diode laser hair removal system is built with micro-channel technology in the 200 to 300 nanometer range. Included are a German laser head and 13 laser Palladium bars. An advanced control system enables fast and painless treatment for both QHR and SHR. In effect, permanent hair removal is achieved without skin damage.

CO2 Fractional Laser Beauty Machine
The fractional CO2 laser system is an innovative and intelligent medical device. It utilizes a short-pulsed, high peak-power CO2 laser beam of infrared wavelengths to quickly and accurately scan portions of skin. This process vaporizes the top skin layer to remedy uneven surface skin, effectively removing scars, color spots, and other blemishes.

Cryolipolysis Machine
The cryolipolysis machine is designed for weight-loss and body-sculpting purposes. It utilizes low temperatures to freeze and eliminate excess fat.

650nm Lipolaser Slimming Machine
The 650nm lipolaser slimming machine uses laser energy to cause the decomposition of lipids, thereby achieving slimming effects.

Ultrasonic Cavitation Slimming Machine
The ultrasonic cavitation slimming machine can break apart fat cells with ultrasonic energy for weight-loss applications.

IPL Machine
Our IPL machine whitens and beautifies the skin through a corresponding spectrum of intense pulsed light.

Radio Frequency Wrinkle Removal Machine
The radio frequency wrinkle removal machine utilizes a unique 3MHz frequency to rejuvenate skin and remove wrinkles.

Laser Tattoo Remover
The laser tattoo remover projects laser pulses to remove tattoos and pigments.

Water Oxygen Resurfacing System
The water oxygen resurfacing system thoroughly combines medical oxygen and nutrient solutions for a spray that deep-cleanses the skin.

Multifunctional Skin Beautifier
Principle: E-light + RF + laser tattoo remover, E-light + IPL + RF skin beautifier. The onboard 3-in-1 system enables numerous functions.

Multifunctional Weight-loss Body Sculptor
Principle: Cavitation + Lipolaser + RF, Cavitation + RF, Cavitation + Vacuum + RF + Laser The integration of multiple weight-loss and body sculpting systems allow for the overlay of numerous functions.

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